Front Desk

By Sophia, Age 10

Front Desk by Kelly Yang makes me feel seen because it is a story of hard work and shows the struggles that immigrants have to go through. I can relate to this because most of my family are immigrants and they went through similar things that Mia and her family went through. Mia and her family immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, like my mom and her siblings. The U.S. was very different for my mom and her family, and they didn’t know much English. Like Mia’s family, my mom’s family had difficulty starting their life in America but worked hard to learn as much as possible to have a successful future. Mia worked hard in school and wanted to be a writer, so she persevered to reach her goal. Mia also reminds me of me because she plays the piano. The book, it describes how she feels when she plays, and that is how I feel when I play, too. All my worries disappear, and I disappear into the music and my imagination. Front Desk by Kelly Yang is a mirror of my own life and my family’s.

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