Front Desk

By Jesse, Age 10

I feel seen in the book Front Desk by Kelly Yang becauseā€¦

She never gives up and most of the time I don’t give up. She is an upstander, doesn’t care what other people think, and will keep on rolling even when times are tough.

Mia is always ready to do something and takes action right away, just like me, and sometimes that doesn’t always work out, like with my friends I sometimes get into a fight and then I just take action right away.

I also find that Mia wants all the attention and I do a lot, especially at school. I am always the first one to raise my hand in class. And sometimes (I think I raise my hand way too much, but then that also means that I am learning.)

When I read this book so many thoughts went into my head, like wow, I wonder if one day I could be like her, and here I am today writing about how I feel like I am her.

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