Front Desk

By Yingzhi, Age 10

To me, the book that made me finally seen is Front Desk by Kelly Yang, because I just have this thread of connection to Mia, even if the thread is so small, I can still feel it. When I first read that book, it made my heart dance. This book just reminds me of me, I always have hid secrets from my friends because I think when they know what I really am, they would look down at me. When I started reading this book, I knew I can never hide my true self, because if I hide more, I will be scared more & I started to be myself and make real friends that I’d never let go. Front Desk is also the first book that made me feel the same emotions the character was feeling, whether it was anger, happiness, sadness, or surprise, I can feel it all. I just have this small but important connection to Mia, & that’s when I knew this is the book that made me finally seen.

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