Friday Feelings

By Reva, Age 9

I was reading in my room, ecstatic it was Friday. I had endless options and lots of
free time! Not having to be on the computer all day tomorrow made me relieved. Since March 2020, I was doing online school. I missed going in person and being with my friends. I heard Papa calling for me, so I ran downstairs.

“I wanted to tell you that you are getting your COVID vaccine,” Papa explained.

“So much for a fun Friday,” I thought to myself.

On the drive to the pharmacy, my stomach was in knots. We pulled into the
parking lot and walked inside the pharmacy. I sat in the chair, closed my eyes and
hoped and dreamed about visiting my Mami and Papi and eating Gulab jamuns,
plucking oranges from my aunt’s tree in San Diego, playing with my cousins, and
visiting my Dada and Dadi in India. I felt the pinch fade away. “Done already?” I

“Yes! You ready for some Dominoes?” Papa asked.

“Of course!” I answered excitedly.

Even though my Friday was off to a petrifying start, the thought of pizza
made me dream about my Friday and future plans all over again!