For Black Girls Like Me

By Layla, Age 12

A book that made me feel finally seen was For Black Girls Like Me by Mariama J. Lockington. This book was based on a black girl named Makeda, who faced racism, struggled to learn how to take care of black hair in a white household, and had trouble fitting into her adopted family. At one point in this story, Makeda’s mom tried to kill herself with a drug overdose and had to be put into rehab (as the attempt failed). This book made me feel finally seen because I, too, am a black girl who has had a person close to me suffer through an addiction and had to be sent into rehab. Throughout the book, Makeda feels alone because she is not close to her family. I could relate to how she feels helpless over the circumstances of her life. As I read her story, it made me feel like I had a friend who was experiencing the same feelings as me, even though she was just a character in a book. With each line I read, I felt more connected to Makeda and less alone.

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