Food and Hope

By Jake, Age 12

“30 minutes on the clock!” Christopher and Hannah are going head-to-head in a game of family chopped. I’m the host of the whole thing and it was my idea. They’re both making the same thing pretty much, but it’s still fun to watch. We haven’t had anything fun to do during the pandemic and I’ve been bored out of my mind. 

“Mom!” Christopher cries, “you sabotaged me!” He says this because there’s a big clump of red pepper flakes in his meal. He had tried to sprinkle some on but the cap was loose and the whole thing came off. He tries to pick some of it out and balance it with something sweet. They began to disappear slowly and tumble to the sink.

I remember now. She loosened the cap before he used it. I laughed and wait for the food. Christopher serves his meal, then Hannah, and we eat them and discuss. The delicious food warms my stomach. My mouth. My body. I call them downstairs and reveal the winner. Hannah. I realize that there is still some hope throughout these times, and I walk to the sink, dirty plate in one hand, hope in the other.