Finding Junie Kim

By Gracen, Age 11

I related to the book Finding Junie Kim by Ellen Oh. Junie is in middle school just like me. Junie has experienced problems in middle school such as racism and social challenges. During middle school and before my years in elementary, I have suffered from similar problems that Junie sufferers with. I’ve had friends that used me, friends that talked bad about me, and friends that didn’t even acknowledge that I had feelings. Just like Junie, I’ve been afraid to tell my parents about things that occur at school. Junie has also suffered from depression at age 12, after all the challenges she had faced. After I left elementary I had so many strong, uncontrollable emotions to tackle, from friends talking bad to me and all the way to friends ignoring me. I suffered from this anxiety that chased me in circles that never seemed to have an ending. Despite the difficulty, I was so lucky to have such a supportive environment of teachers, family, and true friends to help me through these transitions. Junie was also able to speak out and seek help. This book hit close to my heart, and let me finally be seen like Junie. 

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