Finding Happiness in a Pandemic

By Daphne, age 10

It all started when I came home from school and found out we canceled a trip because of a new virus.

At first, the pandemic was a miracle to me.

At first, the pandemic was a miracle to me. I was nervous about the upcoming Art Night. I would have to recite a memorized essay and I was worried about it.

         Now I realize that the pandemic was not a miracle. The news scared me. My family stayed home. My school assignments were virtual. And virtual meetings stressed me out.

         At first, distance learning went well. My teacher was awesome. But the next year was crazy. Sometimes I was sent not-nice messages on the chat.

         This year, my sister and I are being educated by my family. We have a schoolroom, supplies, and a schedule. This year is better. There are no Google Meets and no mean kids.  My anxiety is still here but I have found ways to still have joy. Whenever I read my favorite books, play the piano, write stories, or go outside, the worry goes away. Even though the pandemic has changed our lives, I have found much happiness.