What Book Makes YOU Feel Finally Seen?

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We asked kids "What book makes YOU feel FINALLY SEEN?" and here were their responses...


By Ezra, Age 11

Gordan Korman creates books in a way that make you want to snuggle up between the blankets and reread it all again. It’s so meaningful and deep, yet it can still be understood by people of all ages. When I read it, I felt like I could do anything. In Linked, a middle school locker is painted with a swastika. Continuously. This sign of hate immediately disrupts life in Colorado, and a group of antagonists who are all the same age don’t know what to do. Though the small town’s past haunts them, they are not fazed. So they create millions of paper chains, a project that fights against racism. Suddenly, this is a huge project all over the world. Schools are sending in thousands of paper chains, and the world is onto it. I felt invincible at that moment. 7th graders doing that!? Though I may think I’m useless, there are a trillion and one ways I can help the community and make a change. I always thought that it’s really hard to become famous and do great things. But anybody can do great things; you just have to set your mind to it. Linked made me finally seen.


By Ilia, Age 11

My name is Ilia and the book that made me feel finally seen was called Wonder by R. J. Palacio. This book made me feel finally seen in many ways. First of all, I related to the main character Auggie Pullman because he had people underestimate him throughout his time at public school just because he had a disfigurement. Although I do not have a disfigurement, I also had people underestimate me for a long time at my schools, hurting my self confidence. Another way I related to this book is that Via, Auggie’s sister, always had to let Auggie’s needs come first. For me, my older sister always seemed to get treated better than me. Once I saw the world from Via’s point of view, I started to see everything clearly. To me, now I see that it is important that we embrace everyone for their hearts and not for their looks or sounds. This book was a life lesson to me and many others that read it. This book made me feel like I could relate to fictional characters and not just real ones. This felt like something new and unique! This book made me feel finally seen.

The Whole Story of Half A Girl

By Anna, Age 12

I can relate to this book because my dad is Jewish and my mom is Christian (even though Sonia’s father is Indian and Sonia’s mother is Jewish in the book). In elementary school, kids were really confused by the fact that I celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas during the holidays. Kids are better about understanding how that works now. I’m also confused with how my parents treat this. Whenever my mom tells people that she celebrates the Jewish holidays too, she speaks as if she’s saying a joke, with her all-too common line: “We just celebrate all the holidays!” It kind of frustrates me, because celebrating holidays means a lot to us. I also think upon the fact that one day, I’m going to have to choose who I want to be, which is kind of how I relate to Sonia in the book. Sonia is a character who shares most of the same thoughts as me and that is why I wrote about her.


By Evelyn, Age 11

As I walk through the rows of yellow metal lockers, I imagine my day as a tough video game, trying to get through the challenges of school. I am the hero (in my dreamed fantasy) as I dodge game monsters and mean kids, cowering under my art supplies and books. When I reach art class, I feel safe and secure just like the main character Jensen from the book Brave. I finally felt seen when I read Brave, by Svetlana Chmakova. It is about a young middle-school boy named Jensen, who faces the challenging problems of friends, bullies, school and tries to be the hero in his story. I felt seen because my school days are like his; a difficult video game with multiple challenges. I also felt seen when he explained lizard brain. Lizard brain is when people act and people around them follow unintentionally without thought. I feel like this book inspired me to be a fearless hero to change the lizard brain positively wherever I go. I feel connected to this character because we both are dreamers trying to get through life. This is why Brave is a book that finally makes me, finally seen and brave.

The Night Diary

By Diya, Age 10

The Night Diary, by Veera Hiranandani makes me feel seen by representing Indian history and the India partition in the late 1940’s. The Night Diary is especially important to me because there are not a lot of books out there that represent this important time in history from a kid’s point of view.

This book encourages me to learn more about my family’s history and legacy.

This book encourages me to learn more about my family’s history and legacy. This inspired me to ask my grandparents and other family members about their experiences during this time. The main character in the book, Nisha, is a quiet/shy girl who has a lot to say about her culture, identity, and especially her cooking, but doesn’t have the courage to speak up. I feel like this relates to a bit of how I am in life, a quiet and shy girl. Towards the end, Nisha learns to find her inner voice to speak up for herself. The character, Nisha, makes me feel seen by representing all those who have a lot to say, but are afraid to say it. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book someday too?

Click and Act

By Lizzy, Age 10

I think the books Click and Act by Kayla Miller make me feel finally seen because these books are really about independence and trying your best even when people say you can’t do something. Also, they make me think that no matter what, you still try your hardest.

These books also taught me that if you are independent and stand up for yourself, no one can say what you can or can’t do.

These books also taught me that if you are independent and stand up for yourself, no one can say what you can or can’t do. Being a dancer, you will always have someone say you can’t do something, but these books taught me that even though some people won’t think you can do something, what matters is that you try your best. The book Act really taught me to always stand up for what you believe in. The book Click taught me that you can always do what you love no matter what people say. In conclusion, these books taught me to never give up. I learned that never giving up is important because in life you need to keep going no matter what people say. Do you think that believing in yourself and not letting others decide what you do can make a difference? 

Because of Mr. Terupt

By Esther, Age 8

In the book Because of Mr. Terupt, I feel seen because my second grade year was like Jessica’s year.

My teacher, Ms. Melanie reminds me of Mr. Terupt. Ms. Melanie always seems excited when I come to see her, and I feel great, loved and special. Mr. Terupt makes his kids feel those same words.

I also see myself in Jessica because someone like Alexia lied and told me stuff that wasn’t true. Jessica stood up to Alexia because she didn’t need her rudeness in her life, and I did the same thing even though I might not have any friends anymore. But now I have friends and Jessica has friends and my friends are awesome and kind.

Just like Jessica, I was very shy and nervous at the beginning of the year, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make friends. For me, this is because I hadn’t been in school for a year because of COVID 19. For Jessica, this is because she was a new student.

I felt like I was actually inside the book, putting myself in that situation, and it made me remember those times that were hard and also awesome.

My Unique Self

By Joy, Age 12

I was finally seen as a person of my own. Before I was trying to blend in the crowd. I was not being my own person. I let friends take me down. I felt alone before.

In third grade, one girl in my class was becoming popular (and still is but I don’t care). She and some other girls were trying to be the queens of the third grade. They let me join in but then, they started leaving me out of stuff.

Then in fifth grade, I had a whole new friend group that was fun but was leaving me out of stuff. For example: when I was not hanging out with them, they were doing stuff I like without me and when I confronted them they were doing something else.

Now in sixth grade, I feel like I belong here with my true friends that don’t leave me out like a baby. So you can finally be seen as your own person.

Dork Diaries

By Jamiah, Age 12

The book I chose for the finally seen essay contest is Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous Life Series: Dork Diaries, Book 1. The first book of Dork Diaries is about an eighth-grader named Nikki Maxwell as she goes through new things at a new school. The book also talks about Nikki begging her mom for an iPhone, and she likes drawing and art. The book also includes how Nikki hates this girl named Mackenzie. To start off, this book makes me feel “finally seen” because this book is basically about me. For example, I am now in the 6th grade and had to face the challenges of adjusting to a new school. I also had to beg my parents for an iPhone for years and all they got me was an android. The book also makes me feel seen because I like to do crafts and art things like Nikki. Lastly, the book also makes me feel “seen” because some girls
in my school don’t like me, so they try to make my life miserable so there are my rivals just like Mackenzie. This explains why the book Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous life Dork Diaries, Book 1 makes me “feel seen”.

I Am Enough

By Jazmyn, Age 12

A book named I Am Enough by Grace Byers is a book that talks about self worth and embracing your differences. This book makes me feel seen because it makes me think that no matter what you look like, your abilities, or beliefs, everyone is still unique in their own way. The whole message for this book is encouraging children to remember to always show respect and kindness to others no matter what. I have read this book over two years ago and it still helps me feel seen till this day. I have not found any other book that has been this inspirational to myself which is absolutely amazing to me. What makes this book better is that it is a children’s book that is mostly made to inspire children to have the right mindset in real life. Having books like this makes me have the right mindset on myself and others to have the right mindset on themselves. After reading this book, it has made my self esteem and caring for myself go up
even more. I recommend this book to anyone that has low confidence or low self esteem to read this book, this book will do just right.

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