Alias Anna

By Audrey, Age 12

A good book is made of questions. Questions you ask yourself while writing, or questions you ask yourself while reading. The questions that make up a good book, along with the beauty of the flowing words. Alias Anna has its own beautiful flowing song. That, every time I read the book, sings in my ears. A song that bounces off the walls, even if you are sitting in a room in utter silence. A song that connects to you, and makes you feel Finally Seen. The thing is, a song flows through everything. Everything you see has a song. Alias Anna makes me feel finally seen, through the imaginary music. The book is about a girl who is forced to play piano for the Nazis. She plays her songs beautifully. The author tells it beautifully, and the book spins the tale and projects its song. The song has questions. I can hear them in the air, and I can feel them in my heart. The poem book Alias Anna makes you feel like a song asking questions. Sometimes it answered itself, and sometimes I had to find the answers on my own.

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