Minecraft the Island

By Thomas, Age 11

The name of the book I connect with is Minecraft the Island by Max Brooks. I connect with the main character because he likes to imagine that he’s speaking to someone, but he is just talking with cows and sheep. He lives on an island in minecraft, he is trying to survive, and he is trying to find something to connect with. Cows and sheep are his only friends on this island. I relate to this character because I have a secret imaginary world that makes me calm and it makes me less bored at school. How it makes me less bored is because it makes me think about interesting things. At home it does not make me fight with my sister. It feels nice when someone writes positively about my identity because I’m not just a kid, I have a very big imagination, and so does the character. It is important to see yourself in books because it makes you feel like you’re not the only one. Reading about someone who is like me feels amazing, nice, and makes me happy. All and all I connect with this character because he has his own imaginary world, and so do I.

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