Percy Jackson

By Emily, Age 11

Everyone loves reading books, but there aren’t many books that make me feel seen. The amazing series that finally let me be able to look into a mirror was the series: Percy Jackson. As I was introduced to the character, Annabeth, and learned more about her, I was able to deeply connect with her. Throughout the series I was able to notice myself in her, because of her personality traits and favorite hobbies.

Annabeth is a character who resembles me at an extraordinary level, when no other character shared so many similar, and relative traits. Annabeth is such a witty, logical, and smart girl, and she was a character that thought along the same lines as me. In dire events and situations, many of the emotions and thoughts that Annabeth felt resided with me, too. Before reading this series, I had never met a character who was very passionate about architecture. Many of her hobbies and interests I personally loved too.

In summary of everything above, Annabeth was a character that I really connected to because of her likes and interests, skills, and personality. Annabeth is such an interesting character, and it feels amazing to finally look into a mirror.

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