Family time

By Prakriti, age 7

Many people have their stories during corona time, where some lost their loved ones, many lost their jobs and students missed their schools & friends. But I am sure that many of us must be having some good stories also during this pandemic like me.

Corona led to lockdown and this brings family time to me.

Corona led to lockdown and this brings family time to me. It brings togetherness to me and my family. My parents are working and I only used to meet them in the evening or during holidays. But in last one year, I spent wonderful quality time with my parents. I enjoyed playing together, eating together, cooking together.

And not to forget, it was not only me but my grandparents who were equally or should say happier than me. That time I got to know the value of unity. My grandparents were so happy. After all they were with their family after so long. Somewhere they were left out in last few years as we all were busy in our lives. But this time, there was no offices, no going out early and coming late.

It can’t bring down the pain felt by others during this tough time but I just hope my story will bring a smile to their face. I read in my book ‘keep your face towards sun and shadows will follow you.’