During Despair, a Horse Will Be There

By Farrah, Age 11

Everything was going quite normal in my everyday life. I got to go out and see my friends or go grocery shopping with my parents. But then… COVID-19 came into our lives. Everything on the news was about more incoming cases of Corona. I’d gotten scared, and my stress started to flood in. I’ve always heard how horses can reduce stress, and it’s called equine therapy. There’s a barn at my house, and I was always terrified of being around horses. After my online school, I would quickly be at the barn. The more frequently I went, the more my anxiety was disappearing. Now, my fear of horses has vanished! Eventually, I got comfortable enough to start riding. A girl named Stella would ride during the summer to keep our horses in shape, and she taught me how to tack up and take care of our horses. Now, I go to a barn and practice riding every weekend! Corona started out blue but has now turned into a beautiful ombré of color.