Dork Diaries

By Carmella, Age 11

The book I can most relate to is Dork Diaries written by Rachel Renee Rusell.

The reason I feel I can relate to this book is because the relationship between the sister is like mine or the family problem she has. Nikki, the main character in these books, has some of the same problems as me, like her sibling trying to embarrass her in front of someone she knows or someone important (except I have 4 siblings). Another one of the similarities between the character and I is her creativity. I let my creativity out with doodling, drawing pictures, or making crafts somewhat like how Nikki made doodles in her books and made a post-it board for the miss-know-it-all article. The book told about how she let out her creativity to create the board. The Dork Diaries book makes me finally feel seen.

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