Dork Diaries

By Jamiah, Age 12

The book I chose for the finally seen essay contest is Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous Life Series: Dork Diaries, Book 1. The first book of Dork Diaries is about an eighth-grader named Nikki Maxwell as she goes through new things at a new school. The book also talks about Nikki begging her mom for an iPhone, and she likes drawing and art. The book also includes how Nikki hates this girl named Mackenzie. To start off, this book makes me feel “finally seen” because this book is basically about me. For example, I am now in the 6th grade and had to face the challenges of adjusting to a new school. I also had to beg my parents for an iPhone for years and all they got me was an android. The book also makes me feel seen because I like to do crafts and art things like Nikki. Lastly, the book also makes me feel “seen” because some girls
in my school don’t like me, so they try to make my life miserable so there are my rivals just like Mackenzie. This explains why the book Tales From A Not-So-Fabulous life Dork Diaries, Book 1 makes me “feel seen”.

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