Dork Diaries

By Kylie, Age 10

When I was little, I wasn’t just obsessed with unicorns and action
figures, like any other child. As soon as I could read, I was in search of notebooks, ready to write. I’m Kylie. I attend Upper Merion Middle School in PA. I am choosing to write about the series DORK DIARIES, by Rachel Renee Russell because I have many connections with them, making me feel finally seen and a part of humanity itself! The main character is named Nikki Maxwell and she has a diary! She shares her secrets and other things that are important to her, which makes it a fun story to read. These books make me feel finally seen because throughout, Nikki tells the reader about her best friends, Chloe and Zoe. I can relate to this when I am with my “besties” because we are always an unstoppable team! Another reason is that Nikki is notorious for making checklists to organize her every day life. I tend to do this too and I find it very helpful. Nikki visits a cupcake shop every now and then. In my family when there is a birthday, we enjoy cupcakes as well.
I feel finally seen NOW!

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