Discovering Zoom

By Demi, 11

Hi, I’m Demi, and let me tell you about my pandemic story. One day, on March 16th, 2020, we had to pack our stuff and go home for two weeks, which extended to a year and a half. For a few weeks, I thought that we would go back to school soon, not knowing I wouldn’t see my friends until April 2021. We had to do asynchronous work and then an idea came to me.

An idea came to me.

I saw that my brother’s class did Zoom, so I emailed my teacher an idea to do Zoom so we can see each other. Due to that, we could learn online and see each other. When class was over, I would linger a little longer to talk to my friends. When I had recess and lunch, I would be reading or trying to finish my homework early. I would also study when I had the chance.  Me and my family would sometimes call other family members and sometimes other family members would visit. I would also schedule Zoom meetings with my friends to communicate with each other. Although many don’t think we can live life like before Covid, I will always have a bright hope.

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