Dad’s Pandemic Haircut

By Maria, Age 13

My dad was looking like Bigfoot since there were no hair salons open due to the pandemic. In order to fix this, someone had to cut his hair at home, so I did. He already had a set of clippers, so we set up a chair outside. We watched a tutorial on how to cut hair correctly, and so I cut. At first, things were going really smoothly…until I noticed something. I got nervous that I had cut his hair wrong, because in front of me was a bald spot! I gasped and said, “Oh no”, which caused my mother to come see what was wrong. My dad was worried about what I had done. I said, “I think I accidentally gave him a bald spot!” Then, my mother said, “You didn’t do that! He already had that bald spot since he’s been losing his hair!” After that, he said that he was relieved the hairstyle was good like he hoped it would be, and that he had paid for worse haircuts at hair salons. But I personally hope that the pandemic ends soon so I can stop cutting his hair, because I don’t work for free!