Covid Years

By Avaneesh, Age 9

The pandemic that started about two and a half years ago has really changed everyone’s life. Since before the pandemic started everything was normal, but now people have to take safety precautions, like wearing masks, sanitizing your hands, social distancing and more! It was the middle of March in 2020, where the Coronavirus cases started.

I was in the 2nd grade when it started, and I had to go virtual. My teachers had their own meet and we joined it. There were only a few months of school so then 2nd grade soon ended. For the first 1 or 2 months, we bought food and masks online. Then my dad started getting the groceries. Then 3rd grade started, for the entire year we were virtual and only one day we got to meet our teacher.

In summer vacation, we went to different places because the covid cases got lower. Then 4th grade started, and finally school started in-person but we had to wear masks. But then during Christmas, people started traveling and since more people started traveling, the covid cases got higher, but everything was okay. Now mask mandate will stop in March. Thank you!