Covid Volleyball

By Jade, Age 10

Have you ever imagined being on Zoom for over a year? All the schools had to go on lockdown and people lost their jobs. We couldn’t even hang out with my friends. It was not easy waking up every morning having to go on a Zoom.

One challenging thing was that I had to do volleyball over a screen. Me and my dad had to go places and get the tools that we needed such as spandex, and athletic gear. Everyday, volleyball was about an hour long. So exhausting!!!! But now we are in person!!

When the pandemic first started, I didn’t know how to turn in projects or do anything on a screen. I was so used to being at school with my friends…not at our house having to see friends over FaceTime. Some things that I enjoyed were that I got to spend time with my family, go on walks with my aunt (she lives next to me). Nowadays covid is still around but the numbers have gone down a lot. Now you don’t have to wear a mask outside and in restaurants. But I’ll still remember this when I’m older….