Covid Pets

By Brooke, Age 11

My name is Brooklyn and my cat is Tatoes. She’s basically my partner in crime! Well, I guess my sister Taylor is my partner in crime because we have each others backs! 

One night, my mom was downstairs, and I got a closer look… she was asleep. I hurried to the kitchen to grab a snack. Taylor was probably studying for a test. As I was hurrying back to bed, the TV was still on. So I gazed at the TV and saw that there was a new virus. I thought nothing of it and went to bed on that cold December night. Then in March, covid was here to stay. I looked down at my cat. I wished I could be her.

Then I saw a video of a hamster. I wanted one. I asked mom for 4 months. Then I think I satisfied her by saying I would clean my room and have it stay clean. You’re probably wondering, that’s all you need–to get a hamster? The next day, we drove to PetSmart. I was jumping with excitement because we got a hamster! I was satisfied for a bit, now I want a rabbit!