Covid Pets

By Easton, Age 11

During my wacky pandemic, I have experienced many new and bizarre things. One of them being that I am allergic to face masks. This happens when I wear a mask too long and then friction will make the mask rub on my face. Then I get eczema all over my face. When I found out, my life fell apart in despair, I knew that there will be some pain sometimes so I am very excited for March to come because I heard we may be getting rid of them! On the bright side, I got THE cutest hamster. Her name is waffles and she is probably the world’s cutest hamster. She is 7 months old and she can do a lot of tricks. She also comforts me a lot when I’m sad as we are cuddle buddies. Some of my hobbies are basketball and ice hockey. Some of my favorite foods are hamburgers and hot dogs. I live with four pets: two cats, one dog and one hamster. Out of all of them, I love my hamster the most because I raised her.