Covid in school

By Natalie, Age 11

I was playing with my hamster when I realized I have school tomorrow!! So I went, got my backpack and started packing. But, I felt something in my pocket! When I reached to get it, I saw a mask! Then I was like “Oh yeah! I forgot to pack my mask! Oh no, I wonder how its going to be like when we have to wear masks at school for 6 hours!!”

The next day, I woke up and went to school where I saw my teacher, Mr.Fineman! He was very funny, and nice. The first day went by pretty quickly and we got mask breaks so it wasn’t so bad. Still, the masks were hard to breathe in because I wasn’t used to them. Additionally, when school ended I was so happy because I got to take off my mask so I could finally breathe. Yet now some things are different because people are used to masks (I am used to them sort of). Masks don’t bother me that much (but I still hate masks) Anyway, school with covid may be challenging but you’ll make it through.