Covid Christmas

By Madison, Age 11

“POSITIVE” That’s what my dad told us. He had Covid. He was in his room all alone for weeks. I would’ve done anything to be in his place. I always talked to him from the hallway, but all I wanted to do was hug him. I wanted to feel the warmth of a tight embrace. I gave him treats and made him lunch but I was worried for him. I didn’t know when this was going to end. I knew nothing. I thought he wasn’t going to survive. I wrote him a card and gave him the love he deserved, until one day. 

“NEGATIVE” I could finally have the tight embrace I longed for. My Mom and Dad were both vaccinated, so I could sleep without worry. I thought we could be safe now with the vaccine. Then, Christmas Eve came and my parents became very sick. 

“POSITIVE.” Omicron came and I was devastated. My mother recovered quickly, but my Dad wasn’t so lucky. For Christmas we had to talk to him through FaceTime. I’m happy we got to spend time with him on Christmas.

He’s better now and I’m very happy to have a healthy family. 

He’s better now and I’m very happy to have a healthy family.