Covid blues

By Jay, Age 12

It was a nice winter holiday in Korea, but the news made my life change. On my dad’s
phone, it showed news that there’s a new type of virus spreading in China. I didn’t care at first
but then I saw the patient numbers were growing 100…500…1000! I was not confident any
more. My mom was there in China and I was worried about it. And because I needed to go back
to school, I still needed to get back to China. My family in Korea suggested for us to stay in Korea, but I still needed to go. When I arrived at my house in China, I was supposed to be going to school, but because of Covid-19 we only could go on online class. For about the first few weeks it was great and I was excited! I did not need to wake up early to catch the school bus; I could go and play video games. But when it came to a few months, things had changed so much. I started to miss school, and really wanted to see my friends in school… I just don’t understand why is it going on like this…