Covid Best Friend

By Maryn, Age 11

It has been nearly two years since Covid started. I miss my family in Canada, but I know that it is
safer in China. The local horse farm is a good place to be during Covid. Early one morning, I walked into the stable, the smell was strong and musty.

I went to saddle my horse when I noticed a new pony.

I went to saddle my horse when I noticed a new pony. It was so pretty. He was dark brownie-red with a black, curly mane and black boots. He looked at me with large brown eyes. My friend, Lili, told me the name of the new pony. “His name is Cola,” she said. “His owners couldn’t keep him anymore because of Covid”. One day, Lili and I visited Cola’s stall together. Cola had never worn a halter before, so we slowly eased it on him. He struggled against it at first, but then calmed down. Although it was his first time with the halter, he let me lead him in a circle. I am helping to train him. Covid helped me find Cola. If Covid did not happen then Cola would be at another farm instead of being my best friend.