Covid activities

By Carolina, Age 10

Do you ever miss life before covid, or longed for something you couldn’t have? I know that I have missed and longed for many things these past few years. Growing up, I never had a care in the world until the pandemic hit. I never experienced anything like it. At first, I was happy! I thought “video games and
infinite sleepovers!” But then, I realized that those tend to get boring after a while. And sleepovers, I couldn’t even do. Something I vaguely remember is my 2nd grade teacher saying, “See you in 4 weeks.” Then, we got the news that we had to stay home for the rest of the year. When I heard that, I went bonkers!  Another thing I longed for were more activities. With all the spare time I had, I wanted to do, well, something. I was already playing soccer, but it was getting boring. Then, I had to move schools! It actually turned out pretty good (and fun), and I ended up on the girl’s basketball team! My life has changed in many different ways over the pandemic, but going through it has taught me how to be a stronger, flexible, more resilient person.