Covid-19 2021

By Billie, age 10

At my red brick house in utah.

“Dad can I play with Suriya?” I exclaimed.

 “I guess so,” he moaned. 

5 Minutes later

“I have all my snow stuff on, “ I say exhausted

 “Mask?” my dad asks.

 “Yes,” I groan.

I sprint to Suriya’s house thinking hopefully she can play. 

 “Can you play”? I pant.

“Yep”! she says, 10 min later.

 “Sooo what should we do”? Suriya questioned.

 “I don’t know,” I groaned.

“We could play architect”! I exclaimed.

“No my parents won’t let us move furniture.” Suriya moaned.

“We could explore!” Suriya yelped.

“Okay”! I agreed. So that day we explored the one foot deep snow and pretended we lived outdoors. On that day, I knew if we could play during a snowstorm, we could do anything together. I was right. This school year we made another best friend, and so far we have had a great year!