By Harper, Age 10

Have you ever been mistreated because you’re from somewhere different? I finally have a book that I can relate to. A boy who escaped from Nigeria named Tani moves to America and is having a hard time at school. Kids from the school won’t let him join the chess club because he doesn’t look like the other kids. When I read this part of the story, it made me sad and I had a feeling of empathy. I know how it feels to be ridiculed because of the way I look.

I finally have a story I can relate to. All of this new information will give me the confidence to not let people ridicule me. Tani showed confidence and earned a spot on the chess team. Not only that, but he went from a refugee to a chess champion. Since Tani had the confidence to try out for the chess team, I think I’ll try out for football in sixth grade and maybe even become captain. As my teacher said, “Books open our eyes and warm our hearts.” With this information I’ll keep reading! 

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