Christmas Hope During the Pandemic

By Sakura, Age 10

On Christmas last year, I really wanted a hoverboard. So when I went downstairs to the living room, I invited my parents to open the presents with me immediately. First, I opened the present that my grandma gave me. It was the Nancy Drew series! I was so excited, I decided to call my grandma and tell her how happy I was that I got Nancy Drew! Next, I decided to open my dad’s gift. It was shaped like a hoverboard! When I looked, the inside was…bubblegum! Silly daddy! He got my hopes up a little too much because my heart was pounding in my ears. I was a little bit sad, I really wanted that hoverboard. All was good in the end though. Because the next thing I knew, I was popping the bubble gum into my mouth, reading the Nancy Drew series. I was ready for Christmas!