China, US, China

By Eddie, Age 9

When the pandemic first started, we were in Tokyo, Japan. Things were fine at first. We
went to buffets and amusement parks. Everything went wrong on February 3, 2020. China
was becoming a “Danger Zone”. People were getting sick left and right. Since my dad had
to work in China, my parents thought that it was best if me, my sister Lana, and my mom
went to the USA because back then, the US wasn’t affected at all by the virus. It felt like the
world was crumbling down like dominoes. So after that, we went to a hotel to stay in for
about two weeks when we got to America. Then, we went to our friend Leo’s house.
The first month living at his house was pretty good. We played in his backyard, studied, and
had a pretty productive month. But for the next eight months, it wasn’t easy. That’s when finally we got the news we were going back to China. So we packed our bags and got ready to go on our plane.
Finally, we flew on our plane back to China, united as a family once again.