By Madeleine, Age 12

“Hey Maddie!” Coach Andy exclaimed excitedly. After two long months of quarantine there was finally something to look forward to, I was able to start cheering again! Even though it was on Facetime it was nice to see my coaches again. I was in a private lesson so it was just us. I did all of my tumbling really well that day so I finished early.

“Since you finished early, why don’t you show me what you’ve been working on.” Andy said.

“Okay!” I replied. So, I tried the front flip I had been trying to do all week. I had never landed it before and I still didn’t think that I would. But, I tried the hardest I ever had at this skill. I saw my feet go over my head and land on the ground. I was thinking to myself, please don’t fall. I felt myself get more sturdy and my excitement boosted!

“Did Maddie just do a front flip?” Andy yelled, shocked. That was something I will never forget! My feet began to jump up and come back to the floor. This is why I love cheer.