By Melat, Age 11

The pandemic affected my family a lot. There was a big change in rules at my house. We had to eat “healthier” so we wouldn’t get sick, and we kind of lost touch with the outside world. We stopped going to parks, birthdays, gatherings, and other social stuff. As you can tell, it was pretty boring for the whole world that was going through this. I also lost interest in hobbies and sports, but I honestly was never interested in sports. School was probably the biggest change due to the pandemic, and it was way harder, but it did have some pros! I got to sleep-in more, and I watched movies while working which is something we aren’t allowed to do for sure at school. Even with the good sides, the whole point of school is to learn something new, and even though I was, it was too difficult to learn as much as I would in person. Another thing I benefited from online learning was the fact that I was so bored, I became interested in books, and I went to the library more often. Distancing from my friends at school was hard online and in person.