Catching covid

By Yaretzi, Age 12

It was December 22, 2020. My dad and I were at the store buying Christmas presents while my mom and grandma were taking care of my baby sister who was born on November 30, 2020. While we were at the store, we realized it was getting late, so we decided to go back home. When we got home, my baby sister was sleeping, so we had to be quiet. Christmas arrived and we spent our Christmas with our neighbors. My parents, grandma, sister, and I were matching. Our shirts were red and black. We didn’t want to be with a lot of people because of covid. When we were there it was fun! There was music and colorful lights. We had an amazing time until we got terrible news on Monday! My dad called the neighbors on Monday asking how they were because my dad got a cold on Sunday. We thought he got a cold because he was outside without a jacket, but later on that day my throat started hurting. Turns out my neighbor had covid, so all of us had to stay home. We all had covid except my sister.