Camilla’s Big Move

By Camilla, Age 10

When covid-19 hit, it was March 2020. At first, it was fine. My brother and I were happy we didn’t have school, but after that, we realized this was NOT going to be fun. About two weeks into it, my parents called my mom’s friend who is a realtor, and they announced that we were moving! I was mad at first because I didn’t want to leave my friends, but I was even more mad because I realized I had to repeat third grade. It was because I was always the youngest in my class and it was getting harder. I got all A’s though! So, we toured about three houses a day and at the end, the choice was between two houses. There was one that I really liked, but we didn’t get it. In between our old house and the new one, we had to live in an apartment for a week. After moving, I went to a new school and got to make some awesome new friends. I’m really happy we had to move.