By Tim, age 10

In the last two years I have had some good, yet bad experiences…

      I had just come home from school when I found out there was this strange new disease called “Covid-19.” I didn’t think anything of it. The next day at school, my teacher kept convincing us to wash our hands. I had just found out about how serious “Covid-19” actually was! Meanwhile, at home, I had been asking my mother for the longest time to get a dog. She finally said yes! A few months later we got the dog, I was so happy. Consequently, the next day “Lockdown” was announced. I was so sad, but I had my dog “Cakepop.” When he wanted to take a walk, we sadly couldn’t. “Cakepop, you’re my only hope to get through this pandemic,” I told him.

Cakepop, you’re my only hope to get through this pandemic.

He started licking me and I started laughing. My dog always made me feel better. At this point, I had started “E-learning.” I was happy I got to be with my dog all day! I understood that my dog could sometimes be a distraction, “Oh, Cakepop, I can’t be mad at you!”. About two years later, my dog was still acting goofy, and I am back in school!

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