Cake Pop Crush

By Maci, Age 10

There’s one great book that made me feel finally seen: Cake Pop Crush by Suzanne Nelson. That book made me feel finally seen for pretty much the first time!  

Cake Pop Crush is about a girl named Alicia. Her family owns a small bakery in town, but things start going downhill for them when a new coffee shop/bakery opens across the street. It also doesn’t help that Ali has a little crush on the owner’s son. Dane (the owner’s son) is chosen to have a bake off with Ali to see whose business will get to cater at a birthday party. Dane wins, but soon Ali finds out that it was a lie! The judge just wanted Dane to win and Ali actually won! Finally, after a lot of hard work, Ali’s family’s bakery gets saved!

This book made me feel finally seen because having lots of stuff on your plate totally relates to my life. And when you have a secret crush things can get difficult for sure! I also feel like me and Alicia have a lot in common. Cake Pop Crush made me feel finally seen, no doubt about it!

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