Building up hope from Covid-19

By Thomas, Age 10

We all have a story about the pandemic, but mine is pretty interesting, so here it is!

It was a regular school day in grade 3 and my teacher said, “class we will be learning remotely tomorrow.” I thought, YES, no school!  I didn’t think about covid at all, but the next day everything went downhill. I found out I wasn’t going to Spain with my family as I had been looking forward to!  I also found out how bad online school was and how bad the virus actually was! 

A school year passed by and I was now in grade 4. We went back to learning in person for a bit and then went back online. It was the most boring time ever! I couldn’t see my friends, my family, or anything. It felt like the world was practically crumbling in front of my eyes! But then everything changed… 

Eventually, I got used to online school. I got used to wearing masks, and Covid was getting better day by day! Even though the virus is still here we can work together to stop the spread and we can make the world a better place by doing what we can.