Brown Girl Dreaming

By William, Age 11

A book I can relate to is Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. In the book, Jacqueline talks about how she had trouble in school and how people didn’t understand why. She explained how whenever she read, she would be told she was reading too slow and needed to pick up the pace. She said she savored every single word in a text so she would read over and over slowly embracing it all. Her reasoning for this was that back in the day, colored people were not able to experience reading these books and going to school like she was; although racism was still a major issue, it wasn’t as bad then compared to before. I can relate to this in a way because when I read, sometimes I read without fully comprehending what is going on in the text or I look at the words without reading them. I read the text over and over until I finally understand what it is that I am reading and not always is this the only issue. For even though I have a different reason for my problems with reading than Jacqueline, I am still able to relate to her story.

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