Born to Lead

By Colette, Age 10

In books most girls are portrayed as fancy, delicate, shy, and quiet but unlike those books I am assertive, passionate, competitive, and ambitious. I never saw books that really represented me. Then I read Hillary Rodham Clinton, Some Girls Are Born to Lead by Michelle Markel, and I finally felt like there was a picture book that was telling me to do what I loved, follow my dreams, and not let people discourage me. It made me so happy to see someone who wrote a book about a powerful, strong, and courageous woman that made an impact on our society. It made me upset to think that people would criticize Hillary in a way that they would never criticize a man. But it made me so happy that she didn’t back out. She didn’t care what they said, she just kept going. Like her, when people criticize me, I either ignore them or translate what they’re saying into “I’m jealous because you’re doing well.”  So as you can see, this book makes me feel finally seen.    

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