By Gianna, Age 11

The character I relate to is Tilly Pages from BookWanderers by Anna James. The reason I relate to Tilly is because we both share the same love of reading. We both love going on fun and exciting adventures. We also relate because we love to be with our families. We are both determined and do not give up when things get hard. Sometimes neither of us can make sense of things but with the help of friends and family we eventually figure it out. We also try to read as much as we possibly can. We both like to solve mysteries of things we are curious about. We also try to put others’ feelings before our own for the good of family and friends. Once we get caught in a book, it is really hard to stop reading. Both of us get caught up in the wonders of reading. Although when Tilly gets involved in a good book, she actually goes into it, while I just imagine myself as one of the characters doing all the adventures they are doing. We are both very caring, determined, and brave. This is why I believe Tilly is the character I relate to.

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