Book Mirrors

By Chloe, Age 10

One book that makes me feel finally seen is New From Here by Kelly Yang. In this novel, a family moved to America because of Covid19, and had to transition to online learning. This made me feel seen because it was hard to transition to online learning for me as well. As a second grader, I had a lot of energy and always wanted to get up and stretch. Even though I don’t have ADHD, I still connected with the main character, Knox, because I hated online learning too. Another thing that made me feel seen was that Knox’s family was also trying to stock up on things like masks and hand sanitizer. Even though I knew that having plenty of hand sanitizer wasn’t a bad thing, seeing nobody else having it still made me feel a little lonely. Having someone that I connected with not only made me feel seen, but also made me feel happy that I wasn’t the only one who had trouble adjusting. After reading this book, I realized that there were probably lots of people like me! All in all, I really enjoyed the book New From Here, and it made me feel finally seen.

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