Birthday Jeopardy Zoom

By Isabella, age 12

It all started on Friday, March 13, 2020. School already ended and my family went out to dinner. We later got an email from the school saying that because of covid school would become virtual for two weeks. Well let’s just say that did not happen. One of the events that happened during quarantine was my birthday. My grandparents called me and we played a birthday jeopardy on a video call. They even sent me prizes in the mail. My Aunt did a birthday dance for us on a call. It was very funny seeing my aunt dance. Also my hamster, Chewy, went on some online calls during class. He liked to cuddle in my hands as I learned. My teacher liked seeing him online too. Later that day I connected online for my dance class. My dance coach got the entire class to sing happy birthday to me and my twin sister. After dance class we had chocolate cake and we opened presents. Overall my first weeks of quarantine were okay. I was surrounded by family and made lots of memories. I always had hoped that I would see my friends and family again.

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