Being Locked on Zoom

By Jake, Age 10

It all started on a sunny day in 2019 . I was talking to my friends and my step-dad picked me up.

“Why am I leaving early?” I asked.

He did not tell me. At home I saw the news. I went upstairs for the rest of the day. About three months later it was summer and my mom and dad said I had to do some worksheets. But what they did not tell me was that the sheets had been saved over time! That meant I had to do at least twenty! It took me about three hours but I made it through summer. Fast forward to third grade, and sure, I saw my old friends…but in tiny boxes on a screen! It was a long, boring year until SOL’s. My dad signed me up for the in-person SOL. Apparently it would help me focus better. When the reading SOL came up I saw all my friends including Amaya, Ana, Seyanna and Budder. Then fourth grade was like a miracle to me. I hope the pandemic will stop soon.