Before the problems

By Chloe, Age 10

I remember that at the start of this pandemic thing, all my friends would talk about covid. Covid this, covid that, does anyone talk about anything else!? There’s an outbreak in Santa Clara, okay, we get it. Covid is bad but does it have to be our recess subject? It’s just depressing! Now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny. We had to wash our hands so much that mine turned red, like bright red. Then we had to do online school. It is so funny that we thought that this would be over in a month, and guess what? We’re gonna be stuck like this for 2 years! Surprise! There were some good things that happened during covid too. I got a new game and my IPad. Overall, I’ve just been hoping for the best and listening to the good news. I think this kept everyone going through the tough times. I made more friends when I got back to school, and started playing the trumpet and started sports again, like basketball! I think that good things and bad things came out of covid, even though it wasn’t always fun.