Because of Mr. Terupt

By Esther, Age 8

In the book Because of Mr. Terupt, I feel seen because my second grade year was like Jessica’s year.

My teacher, Ms. Melanie reminds me of Mr. Terupt. Ms. Melanie always seems excited when I come to see her, and I feel great, loved and special. Mr. Terupt makes his kids feel those same words.

I also see myself in Jessica because someone like Alexia lied and told me stuff that wasn’t true. Jessica stood up to Alexia because she didn’t need her rudeness in her life, and I did the same thing even though I might not have any friends anymore. But now I have friends and Jessica has friends and my friends are awesome and kind.

Just like Jessica, I was very shy and nervous at the beginning of the year, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make friends. For me, this is because I hadn’t been in school for a year because of COVID 19. For Jessica, this is because she was a new student.

I felt like I was actually inside the book, putting myself in that situation, and it made me remember those times that were hard and also awesome.

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