Bear Bottom

Charlotte, Age 11

Do you ever wonder, what is your favorite book? Years I’ve spent, wondering what that book would be, when I would finally find this book. Well, I found it with the most significant author, the one that made me happy when I read it and hooked me. That author and book was Bear Bottom by Stuart Gibbs.

The book is a mystery book but not a normal one. A kid solving mysteries and going on daring adventures. His name is Teddy Fitzroy, and he has a great girlfriend named Summer. He is staying the summer in a cabin, and is near Yellowstone National Park. Bison go missing and necklaces are lost. Why do I love this book? Stuart Gibbs writes in the words of the kids and the thoughts, he is illustrating in my head what it looks like and what Teddy Fitzroy feels. I can relate to what Teddy Fitzroy feels, and what he is going through, and I can relate to loving sleuthing and caring for animals. He has written countless books, but if I could read any book a thousand times, this is the one I would read. That is why I love Bear Bottom by Stuart Gibbs.

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