Back to School

By Charlie, Age 10

The brisk autumn breeze

Blowing across my back

Waiting for me to enter

The familiar building

The whole school had changed

X’s on the floors

Bins instead of lockers

It felt like I was 

Going to a new school

We all stayed

In one classroom

Waiting for the teacher

To come in

And teach us

Lunch was very different

We had paper bags

We would also watch a movie

And would get a bunch of gags

Recess was our freedom

No masks at all

It was very fun to

Breathe some good fresh air

I got used to

The muffled voices around me

And I learned to see

Smiles in the eyes

I hated the smell

Of the rough, annoying mask

And hated the way

It touched my skin

The bitter taste 

Of fuzz in my


Made me realize

My life was going to be very different