Back to normal

By Amy, Age 12

When I was grade 4, I went to Dandong to celebrate New Year. At first, it was normal. My
friend and I went outside to play every day. One day the news said that there is a new epidemic
in Wuhan. It made us stuck at that time. After a few days, all pages on the internet were talking about this epidemic. We were very worried about this. When the New Year’s Eve came, our teacher told us that our school wouldn’t be open anymore. We didn’t know what to do with the classes that we were supposed to have, we only knew that there was no school life for a long time. When we knew that we needed to do online classes, I was in my grandma’s house. Online class felt bad because when I must sit at down before my device for one hour, I think you must know how awful it was. We had online classes until May, then we could finally go to school. But we finally have classes back for real! Now we are much safer than before, and it’s back to normal!